Скачать с Яндекс диска Domestika — Artisanal Paper Elaboration

Скачать с Яндекс диска Domestika - Artisanal Paper Elaboration

Learn to create handmade paper using plant fibers
What catches your eye when you see a painting or an illustration? You might marvel at the lines, colors, and textures, but have you ever considered that the paper that lies beneath could be a work of art in its own right?

Centuries ago, paper wasn't mass-produced but handcrafted with artisanal methods that have stood the test of time, and paper engineers like Juan Barbé have dedicated their careers to preserving the artistic value and unsurpassable quality of these traditional techniques.
Renowned artists such as Eduardo Chillida, Manolo Valdés, Rafael Canogar, and Antoni Tàpies have trusted his paper with their artwork, exhibiting both their own masterpieces and Juan's in museums and galleries all over the world.

In this online course, learn to create your own handmade paper with plant fibers as Juan walks you through the whole process, from sourcing the plant fibers to pressing and drying them. Discover timeless, traditional ways to produce paper you can use for printing, bookbinding, restoration, decorative art, and all kinds of artistic projects, experimenting with different plant fibers and harnessing the unique colors, textures, and properties offered by each one.


Скачать с Яндекс диска